The electric strike of a new generation

The vector door opener A4000 family is convincing with its small size and the almost silent opening with direct current even under high preload.

The A4000 vector door opener are perfect for door manufacturers, installation engineers and users, in new builds as well as for retro-fitting due to the increased processing and use comfort.

The product

The A4000 vector electric strike is an electric strike of the new generation. The vectors resulting from the parallelogram of forces between the swivelling axle of the rotation body and the force introduced as preload at the adjusting angle have been significantly optimised compared with standard market models.

This unique advantage results in reliable opening characteristics under preload-conditions while at the same time ensuring almost silent operation and a retention force of 5,000 N.

In combination with the familiar compact construction dimensions, the optional integrated I.S.T.Kingfix latch guide and the tried-and-tested connection technology, the A4000 family of products opens up new design options for door manufacturers, architects and builders.

The A4000 product family: The advantages

Secure release of the latch under direct and alternating voltage, even with high preload

Tried-and-tested IST twin coil technology for a variable, stable continuous operation over a voltage range between 6 - 24 V or 12 - 48 V, resulting in fewer versions having to be held in stock

The factory-fitted bipolar EMC protective diode on every IST electric strike prevents voltage peaks from damaging sensitive hardware in integrated components, e.g. access control equipment

Symmetrical version that can be used equally well for DIN left and right

Wide portfolio of versions for all conceivable applications

I.S.T.Kingfix latch guide: The perfect fit

Your advantages when using electric strikes with I.S.T.Kingfix latch guide:

The dimension of the I.S.T.Kingfix latch guide (12 mm from the points where the strike plate is screwed to the upper edge of the cover) is compatible with the dimensions of commercially available electric strikes

Strike plates that are based on the dimensions mentioned above can continue to be used 1:1. The A4000 I.S.T.Kingfix can be retro-fitted to existing doors with these strike plates without any problem.

Technical data

Normal use

Lock latch guide




Mechanical release


Feedback contact


Bipolar EMC protection diode integrated

Twin coil technology

Type of current

static current / working current

Technical data
Dimensions (H x D x W)68.7 x 25.0 x 15.8 mm
Radius latch adjustable3 mm
Latch engagement depth4.5 mm
Max. holding force5,000 N
DIN directionleft / right
Installation positionvertical / horizontal
To the A4000 product family

Application fields

The benefits detailed above make the electric strike an interesting option for a wide variety of applications. The following examples represent just a small selection:


Quiet opening in noise-sensitive areas
Through the use of vector technology and the resulting almost noiseless opening characteristics under direct voltage, the A4000 matches up to the growing demands for noise control even with large-area glass doors and slim metal profiles. This makes it the solution of choice for hospitals, medical practices or the entrances to apartment buildings with high levels of access frequency.

Use in a system with automatic swing door drives, e.g. GEZE Powerturn
The A4000 vector electric strike prevents the door from jamming while being opened by the swing door drive and in this way, it supports the long-term, problem-free operation of the door.

Use in applications with increased demands for heat and sound proofing
The design of the A4000 with I.S.T.Kingfix facilitates installation without impacting on the door seal. In this way, it meets the pre-requirements for use with doors with increased energy efficiency and sound insulation requirements.

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